The powderDesk™ v1.0 Release


We're excited to announce that powderDesk™ v1.0 is now available for purchase!  Our adherence to Agile software development and our use of Scrum is a big part of how we've managed to develop our 1.0 release so rapidly.  I'm really proud of the team here at Spire for creating such a rich application completely from scratch.  

We've designed powderDesk around a set of core elements that we will continue to build from for years to come.  We have some exciting things on deck for the coming weeks but we wanted to make sure that our initial public release included the following:

  • General ticketing available through a light and intuitive Web interface
  • LDAP/AD integration for submitter and responder login authentications
  • Repository for hardware assets and other equipment
  • Relationship capacity between tickets, assets, and submitters
  • An On-Premise installer deployed as a virtual appliance and an SaaS option hosted on our cloud servers.
  • A robust architecture based on the most modern development languages

These elements give powderDesk a great footing for the long term.  We'll continue to bring additional features into the application moving forward as well so, to all of our users, keep those great ideas coming!  I'd like to express appreciation on behalf of the entire team for all of the support we've received from the Early Adopter community. We're looking forward to what the future holds and we value the relationships you've started with us!


Shiraz Hemani


Spire Business Services



Shiraz Hemani