Approaching our MVP

We've been working on a number of items over the past few months but per our adherence to Scrum, if something is 99% complete we consider it incomplete.  The items below in Fixes and Additions are items that are 100% complete and can be reviewed in our online demo.

Fixes and Additions:

  1. Corrected a potential infinite looping issue with Request Types caused by being able to assign a child type as its own parent.
  2. Notes for a ticket are now deleted when a ticket is deleted.
  3. Ticket asset relationships are now deleted when a ticket is deleted
  4. Ticket Notes modal is now fully interacting with tickets.  Some UI elements of notes were re-arranged to promote the best possible user experience.
  5. Additional icons supported (via Font Awesome) for Asset Types
  6. New Note button now only appears on existing (saved) tickets.
  7. Note modal includes rich text functionality similar to what exists in the Request Detail modal.
  8. Note modal allows for simultaneous edits including, re-assignment, status change, priority change and, due date/time change.
  9. All edits from the Note modal immediately reflect on the ticket.  For example, if you update the due date in the Note modal, the ticket immediately reflects that change
  10. Note color coding has been enabled.  Standard responder (tech) notes display as blue.  Solution responder notes display as green.  Hidden responder notes (only visible to responders with sufficient permissions) display as grey.  Submitter (client) notes display as yellow.
  11. Work time now functions within the note modal.  Work time is currently calculated in minutes and a column displays work time per note in the note audit trail
  12. Work time supports negative numbers which will tie in to a future billing/invoicing feature for powderDesk.
  13. Various cosmetic updates designed to enhance user experience.
  14. Removed un-used styles from the front end design to enhance page transition speeds.

Here's a glimpse of the immediate future for our development, including finishing touches to a number of items we've been working on in preparation of our v1 release:

  1. Updating the New/Edit Asset screen from the prototype to the functional Rails app
  2. Updating the New/Edit Client screen from the prototype to the functional Rails app
  3. Updating the New/Edit Tech screen from the prototype to the functional Rails app
  4. Updating the Responder Permissions and Permission Groups from the prototype to the functional Rails app
  5. LDAP authentication for creation of new client accounts (possibly for responder accounts as well) and powderDesk login authentication.
  6. Setting up dedicated testing instances on our cloud for all interested Early Adopters
  7. Data migrations for our Early Adopters so that their cloud instance includes their existing tickets, request types and, asset records.

We're getting incredibly close to our v1 release and all of the feedback and support you've provided so far is greatly appreciated by all of us over here.  We'll keep you posted on news as I have it but, as always, let us know if you have any questions.


jan siemaszko