Only a few more Sprints left

Below is a summary list of the updates to powderDesk from August 19th to September 2nd.  These should all be live for your review by this afternoon.  

Fixes and Additions:

1.) Updated 404 and 500 error pages and added static font-awesome table for asset icons

2.) Updated basic roles and user access.  Admin now sees all tickets while responders see tickets they've created and/or tickets they are assigned to.

3.) Updated prototype screens to include areas for Parts & Billing features including all relevant lookups and modal screens (coming soon!)

4.) Fixed an issue where the tickets screen was showing the responder phone number instead of the client phone number.

5.) Fixed an issue where the email column in the tickets screen was showing the creator email instead of the client email.

6.) The Status and Priority filter options on the ticket screen are now active.

7.) Config > Assets > Models is now active

8.) Config > Assets > Statuses is now active

9.) Config > Assets > Icons is now active

10.) Added RESTful URL's for all newly active screens

11.) Added Font Awesome Icon table formatting in Config > Assets > Icons > New to make lookups more convenient

12.) Auto focus to text input fields for asset models, statuses, and icons is now active.

13.) Pressing enter on asset config modals now "clicks" the save button

14.) Assets data table is now active when clicking Assets in the left hand navigation bar.  

15.) Various fixes to bugs found during exploratory testing of tickets and asset configuration

Here's what we'll be tackling the next few days

1.) Finishing the New/Edit asset screen

2.) Finishing Tickets Config for Statuses and Priorities

3.) Finishing the New/Edit account screen

4.) Enabling LDAP in the live app for our Early Adopters to test with 

5.) Set up and troubleshoot On-Premise virtual appliances with all interested Early Adopters.

6.) Test legacy data migrations

jan siemaszko