3 Features We Are Adding to powderDesk


An important part of our process and our general development philosophy is to have an open dialogue with our users.   When it comes to the features and functions we plan to include in powderDesk, user feedback is key in helping us get a handle on what we need to prioritize and where we should focus our attention with upcoming sprints.  Our newest survey is built around the next 3 things we'll be working on to start 2014.  This survey helps us understand the order of importance for our users and gives us a chance to gather additional details and feedback on each feature.  When you have a few minutes free take our survey and help us make powderDesk as great as it can be!


To take our new survey, just click the following link: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/spire-business-services/3-features-we-are-adding


Here's a break down of those 3 features and how they're going to be designed.


Email To Ticket Functionality - When emails are sent to an address that has been entered into in your configuration, powderDesk automatically converts the emails into new tickets.  We also plan to offer an optional ability for powderDesk to send out a copy of a ticket to the assigned client, the assigned responder, the other responders in the group, and the manager of the assigned responder.


Skill Set Groups - Designed for basic auto routing and escalation of tickets.  You will be able to place your Responders into one or more Groups according to the skills they possess.  Responders can be placed into multiple Groups so if someone wears many hats, no worries!   In addition, we will offer some basic intelligence for auto-routing of incoming issues.  


Custom Field Architecture - Customize your requests by offering your submitters and responders the ability to select unique data depending on the nature of their request.  We'll offer a direct relationship between Request Types and Ticket custom fields and we also plan to offer similar field architecture for Assets based on the Asset Type.


We're looking forward to a productive 2014 and we appreciate any and all feedback! As always, keep us posted if you have ideas or suggestions.  



Shiraz Hemani

CEO - Spire Business Services

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Shiraz Hemani