powderDesk v1.4 Release

With the release of powderDesk v1.4 we've included two new features and we have provided various bug fixes as well.  Below is a summary of the changes.


New Features:

Billing rate selection: When a responder is entering work time on a ticket, they can now select a specific billing rate to apply to that work time. Previously, powderDesk simply used the default assigned billing rate for the responder that was leaving the note.  We have added a "Billing Rate" drop-down menu in the note area so a responder may optionally assign any of the billing rates that have been defined in your system to any particular note. Both responder and admin accounts can assign this billing rate to a note.

Ticket Location field: We have added a new optional field that can be assigned to a ticket: "Location". This can represent geographic, physical, or logical location that makes sense for your organization's ticket tracking needs. The possible location values are defined by an admin user in "Configuration > Tickets > Locations". This is only an optional field and tickets do not need to have this field defined. If you do define a location for a ticket, this location will be displayed on the ticket invoice.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where several columns in the tickets listing page were not being searched correctly if you entered a search string in the tickets table search box. If you entered a few specific types of strings (strings that happened to match the HTML content of a table cell), you would get incorrect results.
  • Fixed a problem with the "Client" column in the tickets listing page where it was not sorting itself correctly by the client's name.
  • Fixed similar search and sort issues that were appearing in several other datatables in the system: essentially any table cell that contained HTML-formatted content (as opposed to plain text) could have been affected and should now be fixed.
  • Added some new permissions checks so that ticket notes could not be accessed directly by unauthorized users by using particularly crafted URLs. Only those users who would normally be able to see the notes for a particular ticket can access them now.


Nathan Nadeau

Lead Developer

Spire Business Services

Nathan Nadeau