powderDesk v1.7 - Automatic Ticket Creation from Email

We mentioned in a recent blog post that we were close to delivering a new feature that allows for automatic ticket creation from an incoming email and this feature is now available as a part of our v1.7 release.  Below is a description of the feature but if you would like a closer look please feel free to contact us and we will set up a live tour for you.


As a part of this new feature, each Request Type can be associated with an incoming email address.  To set this up, login with an Admin level account and go to Configuration > Tickets > Request Types:


Select any of your existing Request Types to gain access to the new field:

You can repeat the process for as many of your Request Types as you would like.  Once saved, emails sent to these addresses will be turned into a new ticket!  For your convenience, several actions take place automatically for you when a ticket is created by email:


* The Request Type is auto defined according to the "To" address that was used.

* The default status, priority, and due date are auto defined.  To check your default values, go to Configuration > Tickets > Status and Configuration > Tickets > Priority.

* The default Responder tied to the Request Type is assigned to the new ticket

* If the "from" email address is recognized as a known user by powderDesk, that user will be assigned as the Client on the ticket.

* If the "from" email address is unrecognized, the ticket will still be created but the Request Detail will mention the request came in from an "Unrecognized Sender" and the reserved Admin account will be assigned as the Client on the ticket as a failsafe.  

* The subject and body of the email automatically carry into the Request Detail area of the newly created ticket.



Our v1.7 release includes a few additional items as well:


Behavior Changes:


* Tables in the Configuration area that previously contained yes/no or on/off values now display as either a green checkmark or a red X icon accordingly.  This allows for easier better at-a-glance recognition.


Bug Fixes


*  We fixed a bug where canceling or closing an unsaved Request Type modal did not properly clear field values.



In the Works:


The next big release of powderDesk will allow you to group your Responder/Admin accounts according to their "Skill Sets".  For example, you will now be able to automatically tie hardware requests your Hardware Support team and software requests to your Software Support team.  This feature will also be very helpful for anyone running a single instance of powderDesk that supports multiple departments.  


In addition, we will include a logic for the automated routing of newly created tickets.  Methods for auto routing will include a load balancer as well as a round robin cycle.


As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions!



Nathan Nadeau

Lead Developer


Nathan Nadeau