powderDesk v1.6 - Fixes and New Features

Recently we announced the launch of powderDesk v1.5 which included a suite of outbound email notifications.  Our newest release adds an option to create "New Notes" from an email notification.  For HTML emails, you will see a New Note button in addition to the View Ticket button.  For text based emails, the New Note option displays as a link.  


Once clicked, the button or the link will take you directly to the powderDesk interface and bring up the New Note screen for that particular ticket.




We've also bundled in a few fixes since our v1.5 release.  Here is a list of those items:


  1. Fixed an issue where powderDesk would hang and fail to display the proper error message if a Responder or Admin attempted to save invalid values at Configuration > Accounts > My Account.  
  2. Fixed an issue related to loading time of the ticket details screen in deployments with a large number of parts/equipment entries.
  3. Fixed the remote loading of some font files by moving all resources to the local instance of powderDesk.  Remote resources are no longer referenced in the system.
  4. Fixed an issue with HTML email notifications in the browser based Hotmail client.  Previously, the View Ticket and New Note buttons were not properly displaying. 


Stay tuned for our next major releases which will include automatic ticket creation from inbound emails!  If you would like to schedule a live tour of powderDesk or discuss the upcoming roadmap just let us know!

Nathan Nadeau

Lead Developer

Spire Business Services

Nathan Nadeau