Auto Assignment & Skill Set Groups

The v1.8.0 release of powderDesk offers a suite of new features related to the automatic assignment of newly created tickets and grouping your Responders together according to their relevant skills.

In this post we'll examine how these new features work but if you would like to schedule a live tour or demo a copy of the powderDesk application in your environment just let us know.

We understand that most organizations will have multiple responders with a variety of skills.  With Skill Sets, our users can define a relationship between the Request Types in their system and the Responders responsible for handling each type of request.  In powderDesk, a Skill Set can be tied to as many Request Types as needed.  Also, Skill Sets can have as many assigned Responders as needed.  Responders can belong to multiple Skill Sets so if someone wears a lot of hats, you are still covered.

In the below example, let's say we have a set of Responders who always handle Windows software issues. We first create a Windows Support Skill Set group at Configuration > Tickets > Skill Sets > New and associate it with the appropriate Responders and Request Types.  Repeat this process as necessary for your organization.


The other new option that we have included as a part of Skill Sets is a helpful Auto Assignment logic.  You can choose between the 3 methods below:


  1. Load Balance - A new ticket is assigned to the Skill Set Responder with the fewest number of tickets in an "Open" status.
  2. Round Robin - New tickets rotate in sequence, assigning through the list of Responders one by one.
  3. Manager - All new tickets are assigned to the manager of the Skill Set group.  The manager may then follow up on the ticket, or re-route manually to the desired Responder.


We have many years of experience with ITSM deployments so we can help you set up the best structure for your Skill Set groups and Request Types.  If you need any assistance, just let us know!

Some Other Changes:

  • Email notifications for new notes now show the entire note.
  • The Request Types configuration area at Configuration > Tickets > Request Types has been redesigned to be faster and more responsive.
  • There are now two system-reserved ticket statuses: Open and Closed (see ticket statuses at Configuration > Tickets > Statuses).  These reserved ticket statuses cannot be modified or deleted from the system.

In The Works:

We have made great progress on our summer development schedule and we are forging right ahead to the next items in our queue, Custom Fields.   The inclusion of a custom field architecture for powderDesk means that our users will be able to plug in their own unique elements for Tickets, Assets, and Client profiles.  

If you have questions on any current or upcoming features, we are always happy to answer them for you.  Feel free to contact us and we'll follow up with you immediately.

Nathan Nadeau
Lead Developer

Nathan Nadeau