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3 Features We Are Adding to powderDesk

An important part of our process and our general development philosophy is to have an open dialogue with our users.   When it comes to the features and functions we plan to include in powderDesk, user feedback is key in helping us get a handle on what we need to prioritize and where we should focus our attention with upcoming sprints.  Our newest survey is built around the next 3 things we'll be working on to start 2014.  This survey helps us understand the order of importance for our users and gives us a chance to gather additional details and feedback on each feature.  When you have a few minutes free take our survey and help us make powderDesk as great as it can be!


Shiraz Hemani

powderDesk v1.1 - Some Fixes and Some Exciting New Features Coming Soon

We have been hard at work behind the scenes developing some exciting new features for powderDesk and addressing any bug reports we've received.  We would like to thank our entire user community for the bug reports we've received over the past several weeks.  One of our goals is to make sure that powderDesk is as bug free as possible so we try to address items as soon as they're reported.


Nathan Nadeau

Approaching our MVP

We've been working on a number of items over the past few months but per our adherence to Scrum, if something is 99% complete we consider it incomplete.  The items below in Fixes and Additions are items that are 100% complete and can be reviewed in our online demo.


jan siemaszko