Skill Set Groups

Easily manage multiple departments and group users based on their skill sets so they can focus on only those tickets they are best suited to resolve.


Auto Assignment

Using smart logic keep your team as efficient as possible by auto assigning based on load balancing, round robin or to a manager for manual distribution.

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ITIL Inspired

Using ITIL as the central inspiration, powderDesk is designed to support the most widely accepted best practices in IT Service Management. PowderDesk provides the perfect combination of automation and effective ITIL policy.


Create Tickets from Emails

Automation is the key to any effective help desk operation. Your users can send emails to any number of incoming addresses and powderDesk will automatically convert them into tickets for you.

Friendly Interface

powderDesk includes powerful psychology in its Interface Design. Why, you may ask? It cuts down on deployment time and eliminates those seemingly endless training Webinar’s.

LDAP Integration

There's no need to remember another username or password! powderDesk offers LDAP and AD authentication for both your submitters and your responders. This ensures a seamless integration with your existing account management!

Supports Virtualization

Maintaining powderDesk is a breeze thanks to our cutting edge Virtual Appliance. Affordable cloud instances are also available, including same-day delivery and no setup fees!

Track Parts & Billing

powderDesk provides an integrated system for tracking your billable parts, services, and work time. Create PDF invoices in a matter of moments with our easy to use interface.

Integrated Asset Management

powderDesk helps you manage every system in your infrastructure with a built in Asset Management capacity.

100% Cross Platform

Thanks to a cutting edge delivery mechanism, powderDesk offers 100% support for deployments in Windows, Mac and, Linux environments. Compatibility will always be one of our core philosophies.

Track Requests for Every Department

You can use powderDesk to manage any type of incoming request, from any user inside or outside of your organization.