powderDesk™ is built to address the Service Management needs for organizations of any size. Take a look below at the more popular elements and features.


LDAP Authentication

There's no need to remember another username or password! powderDesk offers LDAP and AD authentication for both your submitters and your responders. This ensures a seamless integration with your existing account management!


ITIL Inspired

Using ITIL as the central inspiration, powderDesk is designed to support the most widely accepted best practices in IT Service Management. PowderDesk provides the perfect combination of automation and effective ITIL policy.


100% Cross Platform

Thanks to a cutting edge delivery mechanism, powderDesk offers 100% support for deployments in Windows, Mac and, Linux environments. Compatibility will always be one of our core philosophies.


Comprehensive Search

Your submitters and responders will always be able to find what they need thanks to our responsive in-app search engine. Results can be sorted by relevance and displayed in custom views for your convenience.


Groundbreaking UX

For most organizations, Service Management systems are often mission critical so powderDesk offers one of the cleanest interfaces you will find in an ITIL inspired application. We place great stock in how users experience software and our design aesthetic is a big part of what makes powderDesk different.


Email Notifications

Setup powderDesk to instantly send your submitters and responders emails as soon as a ticket is created or when important aspects of a ticket are updated. Streamline communication by controlling which request types trigger notifications and which are handled solely in powderDesk.

I've been following the progress of powderDesk since the original prototype and I have to say, I'm quite impressed with the product and the team behind it. I love the ease of use and their staff really understands the complexities of ITSM.

author Wesley Martin
Technical Support Specialist

Submitter Features

powderDesk is designed with User Experience in mind. We understand that when users have positive interactions with any system, they're more likely to use it.

100% Web browser based

There's no need to install anything local with powderDesk, simply use your default Web browser to access the application.

Comprehensive Search

Find what you're looking for quickly with powderDesk's intuitive search options.

Audit Trail

Closely monitor the status of your submissions and all of the relevant notes with powderDesk's audit trail.

Responder Features

We believe in the science of good design. powderDesk provides your responders with just the right blend of form and function.

Support Multiple Departments

You can use powderDesk to manage any type of incoming request, from any user inside or outside of your organization.

Integrated Asset Management

powderDesk helps you manage every system in your infrastructure with a built in Asset Management capacity.

Integrated Due Dates

Track your due dates and time stamps with powderDesk's friendly date and time selectors.

Intuitive notifications for Form Validation

powderDesk conveniently notifies responders when they miss a step in the workflow and when relevant areas of the interface require their attention.

Relationship tracking for Tickets, Assets and, End-users

With built in relationships between Tickets, Assets and, Submitters you can track every potential interaction.

Automated routing for incoming issues based on custom assigned skill sets

Do your responders exhibit a wide range of talents and skills? With powderDesk's routing technology, incoming issues always get to the right person.