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Ticket Custom Fields Have Arrived!

With the release of powderDesk v1.9 you now have access to a powerful new feature, Ticket Custom Fields.  We created this feature to provide our customers with some additional flexibility on their incoming requests.  The way you use this feature is pretty straight forward so I will go over the basics in this post.  However, if you would like a more in-depth review of this (or any other) feature, feel free to schedule a live tour with us!

 Auto Assignment & Skill Set Groups

The v1.8.0 release of powderDesk offers a suite of new features related to the automatic assignment of newly created tickets and grouping your Responders together according to their relevant skills.

powderDesk v1.7 - Automatic Ticket Creation from Email

We mentioned in a recent blog post that we were close to delivering a new feature that allows for automatic ticket creation from an incoming email and this feature is now available as a part of our v1.7 release.  Below is a description of the feature but if you would like a closer look please feel free to contact us and we will set up a live tour for you.

powderDesk v1.6 - Fixes and New Features

Recently we announced the launch of powderDesk v1.5 which included a suite of outbound email notifications.  Our newest release adds an option to create "New Notes" from an email notification.  For HTML emails, you will see a New Note button in addition to the View Ticket button.  For text based emails, the New Note option displays as a link.  

powderDesk v1.5 - Email Notifications

With the release of powderDesk v1.5 we now offer an Email Notification system.  Below is a summarized list of scenarios where an email notification will be sent by powderDesk.  If you would like to take a closer look at how these features work, feel free to schedule a live tour with us.

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